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Viral Video Shows Russian Tourist in Underwear Entering Besakih Great Temple in Bali


A video depicting 7 Russian tourists inappropriately dressed while visiting the Besakih Great Temple in Karangasem, Bali, went viral on social media. The incident occurred on Saturday, 30th March 2024, around 4 PM local time, showing the Russian tourists wearing only t-shirts and underwear within the sacred temple premises.

I Gusti Lanang Muliarta, the head of the Management Agency for the Sacred Area of Besakih Great Temple, revealed that the tourists accessed the temple via a concealed route to the east. This was done to avoid the main entrance, where the guards would have stopped them. When the officers requested entry tickets to the Besakih Great Temple, the tourists were unable to produce them.


During the incident, the group of foreign tourists made a concerted effort to remain within the temple premises. According to Lanang’s account, one of the tourists displayed arrogance and engaged in a dispute with the pecalang (local guards) stationed at the site.

Efforts to educate the tourists about the temple’s dress code, emphasizing the need for modest attire due to its sacred significance to Balinese Hindus, were met with resistance. “Despite our explanations, the foreigner became enraged and attempted to escalate the situation,” recounted I Wayan Purnata, a Besakih Traditional Village security member. Consequently, the officers intervened and instructed the foreigner to vacate the premises, ultimately leading to their departure.

Recently, there has been a resurgence of incidents involving unruly behaviour and criminal activities by foreign tourists in Bali. One such example occurred on 21st March 2024, when a Russian tourist refused to settle spa fees and demanded complimentary accommodation at a villa in Karangasem, Bali. This misconduct promptly led to the tourist’s deportation by Bali Immigration authorities.

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