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Weekly Promotion Deals at The  Best Bars in Jakarta 2024 

Jakarta’s bar scene is sizzling, but your wallet doesn’t have to take the heat! Dive into a world of weekly drink deals across the city’s hottest spots. From free-flowing cocktails to discounted beers and irresistible happy hour specials, we’ll guide you to the best bars to unwind with friends and enjoy amazing drinks without breaking the bank. So, grab your crew, get ready to explore, and toast to unforgettable Jakarta nights – all at budget-friendly prices!

ALICE Jakarta

Alice Jakarta
Alice, Source:

The restaurant offers a classy and sophisticated atmosphere, perfect for a special occasion or a relaxing meal. There’s even a casual outdoor area for a more laid-back vibe. It is one of the restaurant and bar with the best afternoon tea culture in South Jakarta.

The bar area at Alice Jakarta seems like a nice spot to relax and enjoy a drink with a meal or some sweet treats. Feel and experience the unforgettable cocktail bar ambiance

Location: ALICE
Operational Hours: Everyday ( 7.30 AM – 10 PM )


Kila Kila by Aksaya

Kila Kila by Aksaya
Kila Kila by Aksaya, Source:

Kila Kila by Akasya is a restaurant in Jakarta serving Indonesian cuisine with a modern twist. It located in the Sudirman Central Business District (SCBD) of Jakarta. They offers a range of traditional dishes you might recognize, like soups, meat dishes, and rice plates. It is a perfect place to taste signature cocktails with the best cocktail bar experience.

They also feature some regional specialties and interestingly named creations like “sate wagyu Kila Kila” and “Teh Kudus ice cream”. Beside its famous restaurants, They also offers a nice lounge with a perfect drink promotions of free flow for everyday start from 6 PM.

Location: Kila Kila

Operational Hours: Everyday ( 11 AM – 11 PM )



Caspar Jakarta
Caspar Jakarta, Source:

Located within The Orient Hotel in Sudirman, Caspar boasts a unique design with floor-to-ceiling teakwood cabinets, creating a visually interesting “Inception-esque” feel. The restaurant has two floors with comfy sofas and even an outdoor seating area.

Caspar focuses on Spanish fare, offering tapas, paella, and other classic dishes. Their menu features creative interpretations alongside traditional favorites. This bar in Jakarta offers a crafted cocktails, So if you are seeking a twin bottle promotions, Caspar is the perfect spot.

Location: Caspar

Operational Hours: Everyday ( 11 AM – 2 AM )


bars in jakarta

Big Brother Kemang

Big Brother Kemang
Big Brother Kemang, Source:

Big Brother Kemang is a popular nightlife destination in Jakarta known for its tropical vibes and energetic atmosphere. Big Brother is a hotspot in Jakarta’s party scene, especially known for its lively nights with DJs and bands.

They have an arcade corner on the second floor for some extra entertainment. The venue boasts a unique “urban tropicalia” setting, featuring an outdoor concept perfect for enjoying the Jakarta climate.

Location: Big Brother Kemang

Operational Hours: Everyday ( 5 PM – 4 AM )


Big brother


Odin Jakarta
Odin Jakarta, Source:

Odin is a well-known spanish eclectic sky bar and popular nightspot in Senopati area. It caters to a trendy crowd seeking a fun night out. It is one of the Jakarta’s best bar and it is the place to unwind and socialize. They offers a free flow gin and whiskey for 2 hours from 6 PM – 9 PM.

Location: Odin Jakarta 

Operational Hours: Everyday ( 8 PM – 2 AM )


Jakarta bars

Find Your Best Lounge and Discover The Best Cocktail Promotions!

Jakarta’s bar scene is a mix of hidden gems and signature favorites, all offering tempting promotions throughout the week. Whether you’re a craft beer enthusiast or a cocktail, there’s a happy hour or deal waiting to be discovered. So grab your friends, explore our suggestions or do your own research, and enjoy a night out in Jakarta without breaking the bank!

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