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Travel News

Bali’s beaches are famous for their beauty and white sand beaches. It’s no wonder that many local and foreign tourists come here. However, if you want a more fancy vacation experience, visit Canggu. Canggu has now become one of the most densely populated tourist areas along the southwest coast of Bali, along with Seminyak, Legian, […]

Jakarta Old Town, also known as Kota Tua. Here, time seems to slow down as you wander through cobblestone streets lined with magnificent Dutch colonial architecture. Immerse yourself in a bygone era as you explore iconic landmarks, delve into fascinating museums, and soak up the unique atmosphere of this Kota Tua Jakarta neighbourhood. Get ready […]

Yogyakarta is renowned for its enchanting natural beauty and its rich array of museum experiences that delve into the city’s history and culture. The city boasts numerous museums showcasing diverse themes, including history, art, and captivating exhibitions. What’s more, the entrance fees to these museums are highly affordable. For tens of thousands of rupiahs, visitors […]

Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim nation, boasts a rich tapestry of cultures and architectural styles. This blend finds expression in its mosques, where grand designs and intricate details pay homage to faith and heritage. From the majestic Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta to the award-winning Grand Mosque of West Sumatra, these houses of worship leave […]

Beyond the majestic temples and serene beaches in Bali lies another enchanting realm – the world of Balinese markets. These market know as pasar hubs pulsate with energy, offering a local food, sights, sounds, and aromas. Here, you’ll encounter a treasure trove of local produce in tradional market, handcrafted souvenirs, and a glimpse into the […]

Jakarta, 3rd April 2024 – Welcoming Eid Al Fitr 1446 Hijriah, JIExpo Kemayoran presents Jakarta Lebaran Fair (JLF) 2024, which officially opened today. This exhibition is ready to pamper the people of Jakarta and its surroundings with various attractive promos, delicious snacks, and exciting entertainment for 19 days, starting from 3rd to 21st April 2024. […]

Bali is a paradise for art lovers, with a long and rich tradition of artistic expression. From traditional Balinese painting to contemporary art forms, there are workshops and classes to suit all interests and skill levels. Here are a few of the best places to take an art workshop in Bali! The Art of Movement […]

Wae Rebo is pictured on Flores Island in Indonesia. It has captured the hearts of travellers around the world. Recently, The Spectator Index, a prestigious publication known for its insightful travel recommendations, bestowed upon Wae Rebo a remarkable recognition as the second smallest and most beautiful town in the world. This is real-life proof of […]

Bali Island has once again captivated the hearts of travellers worldwide, clinching a prestigious title at the DestinAsian Readers Choice Awards 2024 as Bali wins best island in Indonesia on March 13, 2024. This is a great recognition of Bali’s position as a premier tourism destination, renowned for its natural scenic beauty, rich of culture, […]

Bali, the “Island of the Gods,” is famous for its stunning beaches, culture, and dramatic scenery. But what if you crave a touch of luxury amidst your island paradise? Look no further than Bali’s world-renowned beach clubs! In this guide, “Unwinding in Paradise: Top 10 Best Beach Clubs in Bali 2024,” we’ll unveil the crème […]