Meet The Socialites

Meet the Socialite

In Today’s exclusive interview, Charles Lim, the Head of Marketing for PT. Daesan Makmur Sentosa, a leading company in Indonesia, but what sets them apart? We’ll delve into Lim’s experience and insights to get a glimpse into the innovative strategies and marketing vision that propel PT. Daesan Makmur Sentosa to success. About Charles Lim His name is […]

In the world of construction, innovation often clashes with environmental responsibility. Gary Anderson, a Director of enVision, a company providing modular building solutions across Indonesia, these concepts go hand-in-hand. This is the story of eco-driven revolution – how Gary Anderson’s unwavering dedication to sustainability and cutting-edge design has propelled enVision to the forefront of the […]

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, visionary leadership is paramount. Meet Larry, the General Manager of  VP Digital in Jakarta, whose journey boosts the power of transforming bold visions into tangible realities. His unwavering dedication to innovation and ability to foster a culture of creativity have propelled him and the company he spearheads to the […]

Conrad Kenway, the CEO of Arkadia Bali Property, recognized the untapped potential of Bali’s beauty in Uluwatu and envisioned transforming it into a luxurious residential area that harmonizes with nature. Arkadia Bali Property operates within the property and real estate sector in Bali, undertaking several breathtaking projects. Curious about the impactful person behind Arkadia Bali […]

In this month’s Meet The Expat, we talk with Gary Joy, an entrepreneur and founder of Social Expat.   Gary is the man responsible for improving expatriate networking activities and effectively bringing thousands of people together. Check out our exclusive interview Tell us a little about yourself: I’ve been living in Indonesia since 2012, originally […]

In the heart of Bali, where lush rice paddies and vibrant culture converge, Tim Fijal has embarked on a mission to transform how people experience tourism and connect with nature. As the founder of Astungkara Way, a unique social enterprise, Tim Fijal is redefining travel and making significant strides in supporting Balinese communities and promoting […]