Exit Re-entry Permit (ERP)


An Exit Re-entry Permit (ERP) is a document issued by Indonesian immigration that allows KITAS/KITAP holders (temporary and permanent residency permits) to temporarily leave Indonesia and return legally under a new stay permit.  It’s crucial if you plan to depart Indonesia but intend to come back and maintain your residency status.

Who Can Apply for an ERP (Exit Re-entry Permit)?

Holders of KITAS and KITAP residency permits can apply for an ERP.  Important Note: This permit is only applicable to those who have already left Indonesia.  If you’re still in the country, you’ll need an Exit Permit Only (EPO) instead.

Special Requirements for Applying for an ERP

The specific requirements can vary depending on your situation, but generally, you’ll need documents like:

  • Application letter from your sponsor requesting ERP issuance
  • Sponsor’s ID (e-KTP) photocopy
  • Copy of your passport biodata page
  • Copy of your cancelled KITAS/KITAP
  • Proof of your last departure from Indonesia (exit stamp)
  • Power of Attorney (if someone else is applying on your behalf)

Can You Re-enter Indonesia After Getting an ERP?

Yes, the whole point of an ERP is to allow you to re-enter Indonesia under a new residency permit.  However, keep in mind the validity period of your ERP, as overstaying can lead to penalties.

When Do You Need an ERP?

An ERP is necessary if you plan to leave Indonesia temporarily but want to return and maintain your residency status.  This could be for travel, business trips, or visiting family overseas.

Benefits of Using a Visa Agent for Your ERP

Applying for an ERP can involve navigating complex procedures and paperwork.  A trusted visa agent like LetsMoveIndonesia can:

  • Ensure you have all the necessary documents and fill them out correctly
  • Streamline the application process, saving you valuable time
  • Advise on potential issues and ensure a smooth application experience

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