How to Amend Company Deeds in Indonesia


Doing business in Indonesia requires navigating regulations and legalities. Occasionally, circumstances may necessitate amending your company’s legal documents. This article provides a general overview of the process for amending company documents in Indonesia, focusing on Jakarta and Bali, popular expat business destinations.

Common Business Documents in Indonesia that need amendments

Several company documents can be amended in Indonesia, including:

Articles of Association (Akta Pendirian) 

This foundational document outlines your company’s structure, purpose, and key details. Amendments might involve changes to share capital, company name, or business activities.

Deed of Establishment (Akta Pendirian)

This document formalizes your company’s establishment. Amendments are necessary for changes in shareholders, directors, or commissioners.

Tax Identification Number (NPWP)

Any changes to your company structure or location might require updating your NPWP.

Business License (NIB)

Similar to the NPWP, changes in your company’s operations may necessitate revising your NIB.

Director and Commissioner Appointments

Changes in leadership require amendments reflecting the new appointees.

Company Address (Domisili)

If your company relocates, the official address needs to be updated.

Business Activities (KBLI)

Expanding your business scope might necessitate revising the KBLI code to reflect new activities.

General Procedures for Amending Documents

The general process for amending legal documents involves these steps:

  • A General Meeting of Shareholders (GMS) is required to approve the amendments.
  • A notary public will then draft and finalize a deed reflecting the approved amendments.
  • In certain cases, like changing the company name, approval from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights might be necessary.
  • Following the amendments, relevant government agencies like the tax office need to be informed of the changes.

Benefits of Using a Legal Consultant

Amending legal documents can be intricate, and navigating the process independently can be time-consuming and prone to errors.  A legal business consultant offers significant advantages:

  • Expert Consultants understand the legalities and ensure a smooth, compliant amendment process.
  • They streamline the process, saving you valuable time and minimizing disruptions.
  • Consultants ensure all documents are amended correctly, avoiding potential rejections and delays.
  • For English-speaking expats, consultants can bridge the language gap during communication with authorities.

Amending Director/Commissioner Appointments

Let’s use a common scenario:  a change in company directors or commissioners. Here’s what you need to know:

Required Amendments

The Articles of Association and Deed of Establishment (SK) need to be updated with the new appointees’ details.

Processing Your Company Deeds Amendment

With Consultant

A consultant will guide you through the entire process, including drafting resolutions for the GMS, obtaining the notary deed, and liaising with relevant ministries.

Without a Consultant

The process becomes more complex, requiring you to navigate legalities and potentially encounter delays due to errors or incomplete documentation.

Additional Considerations

  • Timelines: Amending documents can take several weeks, depending on the complexity and any ministerial approvals required.
  • Expect associated fees for notary services, government filings, and potentially consultant services.

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