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Have experiences you want to share? Enjoy writing content, but have no where to write? Have useful knowledge that could benefit others? Then get in contact with the Social Expat team!

We are looking for great content writers to write with us! Our team is made up of independent bloggers, professional writers, as well as business professionals.

Please note that ideal content is focused in and around Indonesia, provides useful information that may be relevant to others, is generally light hearted, refrains from extreme views which others may find offensive, isn’t a sales pitch and most importantly, isn’t a monologue about how great you or your brand are. Popular topics include: travel, relocation advice, bars & restaurants and general information about living in Indonesia.

Writers who represent businesses or clubs may write on their behalf and links to your business are permitted, as well as a short biography of the writer. To join the team just send us an email, with an example of your content; if it is up to the Social Expat standard, we will publish it! Happy writing!

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