Investor KITAP


The Indonesian Investor Visa (KITAS) is a pathway for foreign investors to live and conduct business activities in Indonesia. It’s designed to attract investment and boost economic growth by providing a streamlined residency option for those establishing or investing in a Foreign Investment Company (PT PMA).

What is an Investor Visa (KITAS) in Indonesia?

The Investor KITAS is a type of visa to live in Indonesia, typically one or two years as an investor for a PT PMA (Foreign Owned Company). The Investor KITAS is made for specified roles such as Directors or Commissioners within the company who can meet the minimum paid-up capital and investment plan requirements.

Are Investor KITAS and Golden Visa the same?

No, Investor KITAS and Golden Visa are not the same, although they are both residence permits for Indonesia obtained through investment. The key differences lie in the validity period, and the amount of investment imposed as a key requirement to obtain the visas.

Who is Investor Visa in Indonesia for?

The Investor KITAS is ideal for foreign nationals who are looking to establish a strong presence in Indonesia’s growing economy. To qualify for the Investor KITAS, the foreign national must hold a position with significant decision-making authority within the PT PMA.  These positions typically include Director or Commissioner.  Having a designated role within the company demonstrates the investor’s commitment to the business and its operations in Indonesia.

There are also minimum investment requirements that must be met to qualify for the Investor KITAS. These requirements include a minimum paid-up capital for the PT PMA and a minimum investment plan outlining the intended use of the invested funds.  Meeting these requirements showcases the investor’s financial commitment to Indonesia and their seriousness about contributing to the country’s economic development.

What are the benefits of Indonesia’s Investor Visa?

With the Indonesian Investment visa, foreigners can::

  • Live in Indonesia for an initial period of 1 or 2 years.
  • Can be extended to give additional periods.
  • Enjoy multiple-entry privileges.
  • Streamlined business establishment processes as an investor.
  • Potential for long-term residency depending on investment status.
  • Access Indonesia’s bank account.

How long can you stay with an Investor Visa in Indonesia?

The Retirement visa (KITAS) in Indonesia offers two options for the stay period:

  • A 1-year KITAS renewable annually.
  • The 2-year KITAS renewable annually.

Is an Investor Visa extendable?

Yes! The Investor KITAS can be extended annually. 

Important notes to obtain Investor Visa to Indonesia

Before applying for Investor KITAS, you must first complete these steps:

  • Establishing a PT PMA with the required investment levels.
  • Officially holding a role as Director or Commissioner.
  • Applying through the Ministry of Manpower for a work permit (IMTA).
  • Obtain sponsorship from your PT PMA.

It’s always best to consult a reliable visa consultant or the Indonesian Directorate General of Immigration to get accurate information regarding requirements, costs, and steps to obtain Indonesian visas.


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