Perseroan Terbatas (PT) in Indonesia


Indonesia’s dynamic economy and vast population offer a promising future for businesses. But before diving in, you’ll need to choose the right legal structure. One of the most popular options is Perseroan Terbatas (PT), a limited liability company. This guide will walk you through the essentials of establishing a PT in Indonesia.

Understanding PT: What They Are and Who They’re For

A PT offers a separate legal entity from its owners, protecting their personal assets from business liabilities. This structure is ideal for foreign investors and local entrepreneurs alike, allowing them to operate a wide range of businesses in Indonesia.

Benefits of Establishing a PT

Limited Liability

Owners’ personal assets are shielded from business debts, fostering peace of mind.

Enhanced Credibility

A PT signifies a professional and established business, attracting investors and clients.


PTs can accommodate various business structures, catering to your specific needs.

Possibility of Foreign Ownership

Foreign investors can hold majority ownership in certain PT types (PT PMA).

Types of PTs in Indonesia

Indonesia offers a thriving business environment for both domestic and foreign entrepreneurs.  However, navigating the legalities of company registration can be a complex process.  One of the key decisions you’ll face is selecting the most suitable business entity structure for your needs.  

  • PT Penanaman Modal Asing (PT PMA):  This structure is designed specifically for foreign investors seeking to establish a presence in Indonesia.  PT PMAs allow for full foreign ownership in certain sectors as defined by the Indonesian Negative Investment List (NIL).  This option provides foreign companies with a high degree of control over their operations.
  • PT Penanaman Modal Dalam Negeri (PT PMDN):  This entity type is reserved for domestic investors,  including Indonesian citizens or companies with a limited percentage of foreign ownership.  PT PMDNs offer a simpler and faster registration process compared to PT PMAs.  They are ideal for domestic businesses or joint ventures with a majority Indonesian stake.
  • PT Perorangan: For those seeking to establish a small, locally-owned business, PT Perorangan offers a streamlined and cost-effective solution.  This structure allows for a single Indonesian citizen to act as the sole owner and director of the company.  While PT Perorangans have limitations on their size and revenue potential, they are a popular choice for entrepreneurs starting out.

General Steps to Set Up a PT Company

  • To set up a PT, you must first select the PT structure that aligns with your ownership and business goals.
  • Reserve a unique and appropriate name for your PT.
  • Secure approvals from relevant government agencies based on your industry.
  • Draft Articles of Association (AOA). This document outlines the company’s structure, purpose, and ownership details.
  • Then, submit your application and required documents to the Ministry of Law and Human Rights.
  • Depending on your industry, acquire specific licenses for operation.
  • After all the administrative processes are done, establish a dedicated account for your PT’s financial transactions.

Other Things to Know About Registering a PT in Indonesia

  • Minimum Investment: There may be minimum investment requirements depending on your PT type.
  • Familiarize yourself with Indonesian corporate tax regulations.
  • If you are a foreign investor, you may need an investor visa or working visa to operate a PT.

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