Exit Only Permit (EPO)


An Exit Permit Only (EPO) in Indonesia allows foreign residents with a KITAS (Temporary Stay Permit) to depart the country and signifies the official termination of their residency.  It’s crucial to obtain an EPO before:

  • Changing Jobs or Sponsorship: If you’re switching employers or sponsors for your KITAS, securing an EPO ensures a smooth transition and proper record-keeping.
  • Leaving Indonesia: When permanently departing Indonesia, the EPO finalizes your residency and allows for a clean exit.
  • Changing KITAS Type: If your KITAS type changes, such as from work to retirement, an EPO is required.

Who can apply for EPO?

Any KITAS holder in Indonesia who falls under the situations mentioned above is eligible to apply for an EPO.

Special Requirements

There are no overly complex requirements for an EPO, but you’ll need to submit standard documents like your passport, KITAS, sponsor letter, and proof of travel (optional). However, ensure you settle any outstanding fees or taxes before applying.

Re-entering Indonesia After EPO

An EPO signifies the termination of your residency.  If you plan to return to Indonesia, you’ll need to apply for a new visa appropriate for your intended stay and purpose.

When is an EPO Required?

The following situations are when foreigners will require an EPO:

  • Changing KITAS sponsors or jobs.
  • Leaving Indonesia permanently.
  • Switching KITAS type (e.g., work to retirement).

Trusted Visa Agent vs. Going Solo

While applying for an EPO can be done independently, navigating Indonesian immigration processes can be complex.  A trusted visa agent will help ensure all paperwork is complete and accurate and streamline the application process.

They provide expert guidance and address any questions or concerns you may have.

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