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Moving to another country to be with family can be an exciting adventure. If your spouse or parent has a work visa or study permit in Indonesia, you might not want to be left behind. Luckily, a Dependent Visa (KITAS) allows qualifying family members to reside in Indonesia for an extended period. This visa option offers a way to stay together while your family member pursues their goals in Indonesia.

What is a Dependent Visa (KITAS) in Indonesia?

A Dependent Visa (KITAS) in Indonesia is a residence permit for spouses and children who hold a KITAS (Limited Stay Permit Card). This allows family members to live in Indonesia for an extended period while the primary KITAS holder works or studies. While it doesn’t permit working initially, it offers the chance to reside in the country and potentially explore work opportunities later.

Who is a Dependent Visa in Indonesia for?

The Dependent KITAS is open to spouses and children under 18 years old. This includes foreign spouses of primary KITAS holders or Indonesian citizens and children under 18 of a primary KITAS holder or an Indonesian citizen. Spouses can leverage this visa to join their working or retired partners in Indonesia, while children can enjoy the stability of long-term residency and attend local schools.

Steps to Getting a Dependent KITAS

  • Obtain a Single Visit Visa (VITAS): This allows you to enter Indonesia.
  • Apply for the Dependent KITAS: After entering Indonesia, your sponsoring family member will help you submit the application.
  • Biometric Data Collection: Upon approval, you’ll provide fingerprints and a photo.
  • Receive Your KITAS: You’ll be issued a physical KITAS card within a few days.
  • Local Registration: Within two weeks of receiving your KITAS, you’ll register with local authorities for residence documents.

Documents Required

  • Passport (valid for at least 18 months)
  • Marriage certificate (if applicable)
  • Sponsor’s KITAS copy
  • Proof of sponsor’s financial stability (bank statements)
  • Passport photos
  • Single Visit Visa (VITAS)

Additional Notes

  • Processing times can vary, so plan accordingly.
  • Immigration regulations can change, so it’s advisable to consult with a visa consultant or the Indonesian immigration office for the latest information.

What are The Benefits of Indonesia’s Dependent Visa?

With the Indonesian dependent visa, foreigners can:

  • Live in Indonesia for an extended period than using usual single entry visas.
  • Open bank accounts, enrol children in schools and integrate into Indonesian society.
  • After 5 years of continuous Dependent KITAS sponsorship, you may become eligible to apply for a KITAP (Permanent Stay Permit).

How long can you stay with a Dependent Visa in Indonesia?

The initial Dependent KITAS is valid for one year, the same as the validity of the primary KITAS holder’s permit.

Is a Dependent Visa Extendable?

Yes! The Dependent KITAS is renewable for up to 5 years as long as the primary KITAS holder’s sponsorship remains valid.

Important Notes to Obtain a Dependent Visa to Indonesia

Obtaining a Dependent Visa (KITAS) for Indonesia allows you to reunite with family but comes with a few key points to remember. Firstly, you can’t apply directly; your sponsoring family member must already hold a valid KITAS. While this visa grants residency, it doesn’t permit you to work in Indonesia. If work is a future possibility, you’ll need to explore obtaining a separate work permit (IMTA) later. Finally, the Dependent KITAS is valid for one year initially, but extensions are possible, allowing you to stay with your family for up to four years in total. There is the most dependent visa to Indonesia and become more active like any other

How to Apply for a Visa for Indonesia

There are two main methods for foreign nationals to secure an Indonesian visa: online and offline application.

Online Application:

  • Visit the official e-Visa portal
  • Complete the online application form with your personal details and chosen visa type.
  • Submit the required documents electronically and proceed with the secure online payment.
  • Upon approval, your visa will typically be processed within 2-5 working days and sent to your email address electronically.

Offline Application:

If you are already in Indonesia, you can apply for a visa in person at a designated Immigration office.

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