From 1 January 2024, the Indonesian government will mandate every taxpayer to integrate a Single Identity Number (SIN) by synchronizing the taxpayer identification number (NPWP) with the identity number (NIK). This integration will facilitate tax reporting and validating payments in 2024. The deadline for aligning NIK and NPWP is 31 December  2023. As per the […]

Living in an apartment in Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital, offers a unique and urban experience. Jakarta, a city that seamlessly blends tradition with modernity, provides a dynamic backdrop for apartment living. Apartment living in Jakarta provides the convenience of a central location and immerses you in the city’s lively atmosphere. Social Expat has gathered an exclusive […]

The COVID-19 pandemic is now over. However, the trend that emerged during that period, namely mixing work and vacation, a.k.a “workation” has persisted. The trend is also creating a new lifestyle: Living a hustle-free life, yet still thriving financially, is definitely attainable. Thanks to the endless possibilities offered by digital technology, our life is more […]

BADUNG, BALI (October 2023) – Grand Hyatt Bali is thrilled to share the news of its recent achievement – the prestigious EarthCheck Silver Certification. EarthCheck stands as a global pacesetter in sustainability and destination management advisory services tailored to the travel and tourism sector. This certification, recognized worldwide, exemplifies Grand Hyatt Bali’s unwavering dedication to […]

Ubud, often referred to as the cultural heart of Bali, has long been a magnet for traveller’s seeking extraordinary experiences. The Hidden City Ubud Project takes this charm to new heights, offering an oasis of luxury in the midst of the vibrant cultural center of the island. The Hidden City Ubud Project is a hidden […]

Bellion Wallet, the financial services company with more than 80,000 customers globally, soft-launched its bank account products in Indonesia a few months ago.  The app is built on ease of use and delivers a superior experience to customers. No fees banking With just a passport, driver’s license or government-issued ID customers can create an account […]

Indonesia is gearing up for its first operational nuclear power plant (NPP) by 2030, set to be constructed on Gelasa Island in the Bangka Belitung archipelago. The project is spearheaded by PT ThorCon Power Indonesia, with Bob S Effendi, the Chief Operating Officer of ThorCon Power Indonesia, announcing that the initial steel cutting for the […]

From food waste measurement to Zero Waste Menu, the resort encompasses a multifaceted approach! BADUNG, BALI (September 2023) – At Grand Hyatt Bali, our extensive strategy for minimizing food waste environmental impact encompasses a multifaceted approach. Commencing in May 2023, we embraced The PLEDGE on Food Waste certification by Light-blue Consulting. Our commitment includes meticulous […]

TikTok Shop in Indonesia is officially closed starting Wednesday (4/10/2023) at 5:00 PM WIB. This closure was announced directly by TikTok through the news section on its official page on Tuesday (3/10/2023). TikTok stated that its priority is to respect and comply with the regulations and laws in effect in Indonesia. “Therefore, we will no […]

As an expatriate, we understand your frustration when it comes to sending money abroad using conventional services. High transfer fees, hidden charges, complex processes, and late money arrivals can leave you feeling disappointed and unsatisfied. But don’t worry, that’s where Topremit steps in to tackle these issues. As the first online remittance in Indonesia, Topremit […]

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