Visas for Indonesia

Visas for Indonesia

Visa processes in Indonesia can be extremely daunting for foreigners, but fear not, Social Expat is here to help clear it up for you and to explain all the different types.

Whether you are coming for a holiday, for work or to see loved ones, we hope that our visas for Indonesia guide helps!

Please note, that we are not a visa agent, so all the information we provide is only for informational purposes. If you do need a recommended agent, we only recommend LetsMoveIndonesia. Lets Move Indonesia is undoubtedly the best agency in the country and market leader of their industry; collectively servicing tens of thousands of people since 2016.

Visas for Indonesia

There are 3 main visa types available in Indonesia, that can be categorized in 3 sections: visit visas, temporary stay permits (KITAS) & permanent stay permits (KITAP).

Visit Visas

Visa Exemption

Presently applicable to the following nationalities: Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam & Timur Leste. These nationals may enter Indonesia for free, with no fees. The validity is 30 days and is not extendable and you also cannot apply for any other visas when in the country.

Visa on Arrival (VOA)

Presently applicable to 97 nationalities. The VOA can be applied for online before arriving in Indonesia at the following link MOLINA WEBSITE, or you can simply do this when you arrive. The fee is US $35 which can be paid in cash or card upon arrival.  This visa can be extended by an extra 30 days, either online or in person (depending on how you applied).

Single Entry Social & Business Visas

These visas are suitable for people that cannot opt for visa on arrival (VOA) or are planning to stay in Indonesia for longer than 60 days. The visa provides an initial 60 days visa, which can be extended to a maximum validity of 180 days.

The Single Entry Visas are not multiple entry, so if you leave the country the visa will be void.

Multiple Entry Business Visa

This great visa is available with terms lengths of 1, 2 or 5 years. As the name suggests, this visa is multiple entry, but the restriction is you cannot stay in the country for more than 60 days in one trip. This visa is ideal for people that frequent Indonesia frequently, but do not work or get paid in the country. Please note, that you need a sponsor for this visa which much have an Indonesian business entity.

Temporary Stay Permits (KITAS)

For those that plan to live in Indonesia for what ever purpose, you need to apply for a KITAS.

There are various KITAS types to suit everyone’s needs and they are all multiple entry and extendable. KITAS visas require sponsorship of some type and the sponsorship varies depending on the KITAS type.

Common KITAS types include: Working, Dependent, Investor, Spouse, Retirement, Second Home, Artist, Repatriation, Family Sponsored and Research.

As the names suggest, the type is relative to the purpose, and they come with varying lengths.

Permanent Stay Permits (KITAP)

Permanent Stay Permits (KITAPS) are long term visas with 5-year validities. The KITAP can only be applied for if you have already obtained a KITAS prior and have kept the same sponsor.

Common KITAP types include: Working, Spouse, Investor and Retirement.

Please note, that Indonesian immigration authorities are always looking to introduce more products and have recently been launching another long term visa, such as The Golden Visa.

We will update this page with more products and services as and when they happen.

List of visas & services for Indonesia

Secure multiple entries to Indonesia without needing to apply for visas multiple times.
Simplify your entry to Indonesia and obtain your visa directly from the get-go.
Extend your Visa on Arrival and obtain longer stay in Indonesia.
Visit Indonesia for social reasons, tourism or visiting family for up to 180 days.
Visit Indonesia for business meetings and seminars within an extendable 60 days period.
Extend your Single Entry Visa and obtain a total of 180 days to stay in Indonesia.
Streamline work authorization for smooth employment in Indonesia.
Simplify living with your Indonesian partner by obtaining Spouse Visa (KITAS).
Secure your residence visas and stay in Indonesia as a family dependent.
Obtain a retirement visa with multiple entry for those over 60 years old.
Facilitate entry and stay for investors and focus on business growth in Indonesia.
Get a multiple entry visa for performers and artists up to 6 months.
Live and invest in Indonesia for long term periods ranging from 5-10 years.
Tailored for ex-Indonesian citizens who plan to visit Indonesia again.
A one year visa plan to accommodate mixed children to visit Indonesia.
Conduct complete research across Indonesia for educational purposes.
Obtain E-VITAS only and convert it to KITAS onshore once arrived in Indonesia.
Obtain the right permit to work in Indonesia as a foreigner.
Permanent stay permit specifically for foreigners working in Indonesia.
Permanent residence permit for a foreigner who is married to an Indonesian citizen.
Conduct a long term investment in Indonesia with permanent stay permit.
Long-term residence permit specifically designed for retirees in Indonesia.
Leave Indonesia, cancel or change your KITAS by terminating the current visa on shore.
Complete your Indonesia KITAS termination process offshore.

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Social Expat offers essential guides on Indonesian visas. Please note that we are not an official visa processing agency. To apply for an Indonesian stay permit, please follow the procedures on the Indonesian Immigration website. For personalized visa solutions and in-depth advice, contact LetsMoveIndonesia.