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Dreaming of building a rewarding career in Indonesia? Before you pack your bags, it’s essential to understand the work permit requirements for foreign nationals. The Indonesian Work Permit, known as the IMTA (Izin Mempekerjakan Tenaga Kerja Asing), is a mandatory authorization for expats wishing to work legally in Indonesia.

What is a Work Permit in Indonesia?

The Indonesian Work Permit (IMTA) is an official document issued by the Indonesian Ministry of Manpower. It grants foreign nationals the right to work in a specific position within a registered Indonesian company.

Who is the Work Permit for?

The IMTA is designed for expats who intend to work in Indonesia for an extended period. This covers a wide range of career paths, including:

  • Expatriates hired by Indonesian companies
  • Business owners establishing companies in Indonesia
  • Consultants and specialists on specific projects
  • Expats working in senior management roles

What are the differences between a Work Visa and Work Permit?

Understanding this distinction between the Work Permit and Work Visa is crucial. Work Visa (KITAS) is your initial entry visa into Indonesia for work-related purposes, meanwhile, the Work Permit (IMTA) grants you the official right to work and is the basis for obtaining your KITAS (Limited Stay Permit).

What are the benefits of obtaining a Work Permit in Indonesia?

  • The IMTA ensures you’re working legally in compliance with Indonesian regulations.
  • You’ll be able to file taxes correctly as a resident worker.
  • The IMTA is essential for then applying for a KITAS, your Indonesian residency permit.
  • Possessing a Work Permit can unlock broader career opportunities in the dynamic Indonesian market.

What do I need to submit when applying for a Work Permit in Indonesia?

The application process involves your Indonesian employer and requires the following:

  • RPTKA (Expatriate Placement Plan) – a detailed plan submitted by your employer, justifying the need for a foreign worker.
  • Company documents – Business licenses, tax numbers, and other legal documents.
  • Personal Credentials – CV, educational certificates, work experience letters, and other documentation demonstrating your qualifications.
  • Additional Requirements -specific documents may be needed based on your industry or position.

Important notes about the Work Permit?

  • Your IMTA is tied to your sponsoring Indonesian company.
  • Allow sufficient time for processing; it can take several weeks.
  • Work Permits are usually valid for one year, with the possibility of extension.

How to Apply for a Visa for Indonesia

There are two main methods for foreign nationals to secure an Indonesian visa: online and offline application.

Online Application:

  • Visit the official e-Visa portal
  • Complete the online application form with your personal details and chosen visa type.
  • Submit the required documents electronically and proceed with the secure online payment.
  • Upon approval, your visa will typically be processed within 2-5 working days and sent to your email address electronically.

Offline Application:

If you are already in Indonesia, you can apply for a visa in person at a designated Immigration office.

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