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Indonesia Becomes The 1st Country to Have A Special Area in UNESCO Headquarters

Towards the end of 2023, Indonesia celebrated significant achievements once more. At UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, France, Indonesia unveiled a dedicated space known as “Jalan Nusantara” or Archipelago Street. Inaugurated on 13 November 2023, this area showcases 11 artworks presented by the Indonesian Government to be exhibited within the space.

As per a press release from the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, these artworks encompass replicas of ancient human skulls, scale models of Borobudur Temple and Prambanan Temple, depictions of Samudra Raksa, paintings like the Death of Kumbakarna by Nyoman Mandra, Garuda Wisnu Kencana by Nyoman Nuarta, silver Borobudur souvenirs, a sculpture of a flute player, and a robot angklung created by Eko Mursito.


Additionally, the Indonesian government supplied various other items, such as maps and digital inventories, to UNESCO Headquarters. During the inauguration, Ambassador Mohamad Oemar, the Permanent Delegate of the Republic of Indonesia to UNESCO, emphasized Indonesia’s commitment to preserving and revitalizing culture alongside UNESCO.

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Souce: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Being recognized as the largest archipelagic country globally, Indonesia stands out for its abundant environment, culture, and religious diversity. “Jalan Nusantara” is set to serve as a permanent installation at UNESCO Headquarters for the next five years. This inauguration aligns with Indonesia’s elevation to an official language at the UN General Conference, representing a crucial part of the same agenda.

During the inauguration on 13 November 2023 at UNESCO Headquarters, Nicholas Jeffrey, the Assistant Director-General of UNESCO for Administration and Management, stood present and offered robust support for the Indonesian Government’s endeavours. He emphasized the significance of Indonesia as a crucial partner in the realm of culture and endorsed the nation’s assistance to UNESCO in the restoration and preservation of artworks.

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