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Indonesia Named Top Muslim-Friendly Destination for Second Consecutive Year


Indonesia has once again demonstrated its prowess in the travel industry, securing the prestigious title of the most muslim-friendly destination in the world for the second consecutive year.

This remarkable achievement was announced at the Mastercard-CrescentRating Global Muslim Travel Index (GMTI) 2024 event, marking the ninth year of this esteemed recognition. Indonesia’s consistent dedication to providing a welcoming and accommodating environment for Muslim travelers has earned it the well-deserved title of the Top Muslim-Friendly Destination of the Year 2024.

This is the second achievement achieved by Indonesia. Previously, Indonesia achieved this achievement in 2023.

Vice President, SEA Products & Innovation Lead Mastercard, Aisha Islam, revealed that if Indonesia managed to outperform other countries, which were also quite competitive in terms of recognition as a Muslim tourist destination.

In determining the ranking of the award in question, GMTI assesses tourist destinations based on four main criteria: Access, Communication, Environment, and Services (ACES).

From these assessment aspects, Indonesia is in the top position as a popular destination for Muslim travelers, along with Malaysia. In addition, other destinations in Southeast Asia are also listed in the top 10.

The Potential of Foreign Muslim Tourists

According to Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Sandiaga Uno, the rise of Muslim-friendly tourism presents a golden opportunity for Indonesia. The halal industry, fueled by the substantial and growing Muslim population worldwide, is poised for significant expansion.

Minister Sandiaga Uno further highlighted the importance of the Muslim market, citing the Global Muslim Travel Index 2023 report, which projects the Muslim population to reach 2.3 billion, accounting for approximately 27 percent of the world’s population, by 2030.

With this potential, he hopes Indonesia can reach the target of 17 million foreign tourist visits and 1.5 billion tourist movements in 2024.

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