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Save Big on Drinks! Free Flow and Happy Hour Promotions in Jakarta 


Looking to unwind after a long day without blowing your budget? Jakarta’s buzzing bar scene offers incredible deals on drinks during happy hour and free flow promotions. Whether you’re catching up with friends after work or starting your night out, there’s a perfect spot waiting for you.

This guide will be your one-stop shop to finding the best deals on drinks in Jakarta. We’ll explore a variety ambiance of bars and restaurants nightlife offering happy hour discounts, free flow packages, and other money-saving promotions. So grab your thirst quenchers and get ready to explore Jakarta’s affordable after-dark scene!

BART Jakarta, Thamrin ( Best Happy Hour )

free flow jakarta
Source: BART Jakarta

Looking for a chic spot to sip on creative cocktails and soak in stunning Jakarta city views with best happy hour? Look no further than BART Jakarta, also known as Bar at The Rooftop located at Artotel Jakarta.

BART offers a stylish rooftop lounge experience, perfect for an evening of relaxation and socializing. Here’s what you can expect. Every tuesday from 7pm – 9pm, Bart offers free-flow gin and tonic with only IDR 149K Nett.

As a rooftop bar, the main attraction at BART is undoubtedly the panoramic vista of Jakarta’s skyline. Enjoy your cocktails everyday while taking in the city lights at the best bars in Jakarta.

Operational Hours: Mon – Thu, Sun ( 5pm – 1am ), Fri – Sat ( ( 5pm – 2am )

Location: ARTOTEL – Thamrin, South Jakarta


Bart Jakarta

SOIRÉE Bar & Lounge, Senopati ( Free Flow Deals in Jakarta )

Soiree Jakarta

Nestled away in the heart of Jakarta’s trendy Senopati district, SOIRÉE Bar & Lounge offers a unique and intimate experience for those seeking a sophisticated escape.

Inspired by the speakeasy bars of the Prohibition Era, SOIRÉE prioritizes personal elegance connection and a focus on expertly crafted signature cocktails and enjoy free flow of gin or whisky everyday at 5pm – 9pm.

The intimate setting at SOIRÉE fosters conversation and connection. Live music performances and DJ sets with captivating visuals add to the ambiance, creating a lively and cosy relaxed atmosphere.

Operational Hours: Mon – Sat ( 4pm – 12am ), Sun ( Closed )

Location: SOIRÉE Bar & Lounge 


Soiree Jakarta

Vol. Bar & Bottle Shop, Senopati ( Best Signature Cocktails )

Vol Jakarta
Vol Lounge, Source:

Calling all cocktail enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike! Vol. Bar & Bottle Shop in Jakarta’s happening Senopati neighborhood is your one-stop shop for a fun night out. Discover you best deals in Jakarta at Vol.

While the drinks are top-notch, Vol. remains relatively affordable compared to other upscale bars in Jakarta. This makes it a great spot for a casual after-work drink or a fun night out with friends without breaking the bank.

The space is on the smaller side, so it can get crowded, especially on weekends. If you’re coming with a group, arriving early or making a reservation is recommended.

Operational Hours: Everyday ( 6pm – 3am )

Location: Vol. Bar & Bottle Shop



Inner Circle, SCBD

Inner circle
Inner circle, Source: instagram/innercircle.scbd

Looking for a stylish hangout spot in Jakarta that doesn’t break the bank? Look no further than Inner Circle in the heart of Sudirman Central Business District (SCBD). This popular lounge and restaurant offers a sophisticated ambiance, delicious food and drinks, and surprisingly affordable prices, making it a favorite among young professionals and locals alike.

For those seeking a budget-friendly option in Indonesia, Inner Circle offers a fantastic happy hour promotion. During this time, you can enjoy 2 glasses of beer for only 99k every Monday to Saturday at 4.30pm – 7pm. It making it a great way to unwind after a long day without overspending.

Operational Hours: Everyday ( 4.30pm – 2am )

Location: Inner Circle, SCBD


Source: instagram/innercircle.scbd

Basque Bar de Tapas

basque jakarta
Basque Jakarta, Source:

Basque Bar de Tapas isn’t your typical tapas bar. Established in 2016, it aims to provide a truly distinctive and luxurious experience. The ambiance is refined, with a touch of intimacy, perfect for a special occasion or a classy night out with friends.

Given the popularity and sophisticated setting, reservations are highly recommended, especially on weekends and evenings. They offers free-flow beers from 4pm – 7pm and other promotions from Monday – Thursday Buy 1 get 1 free High Ball. If you are a fan of wine, you can best deal of wine at Basque during weekday.

While there’s no strict dress code, the overall ambiance leans towards smart casual attire. Expect a mid-range to higher price point compared to other tapas bars in Jakarta.

Operational Hours: Mon – Sat ( 11am – 1am )

Location: Basque Bar de Tapas


basque jakarta

Enjoy The Free Flow and Happy Hour Promotions in Jakarta!

Jakarta’s bar scene is brimming with incredible deals waiting to be explored. From rooftop bars with stunning cityscapes to intimate speakeasys and lively lounges with creative cocktails, there’s a perfect happy hour or free flow promotion for every taste and budget.

So grab your friends, check out the options we’ve explored, and get ready to unwind and enjoy Jakarta’s affordable after-dark scene! Remember, with a little planning and this guide in hand, you can have a fantastic night out without breaking the bank.

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