A Jakarta-based content creative enthusiast who started his content-making journey by joining a school reporter community at a well-known teen magazine in Indonesia during high school in 2013. Besides writing, he also loved to listen to podcasts and watch pro wrestling shows.

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Indonesia is a popular tourist destination known for its beautiful landscapes, rich culture, and friendly people. However, as with any other country, there are potential risks that tourists should be aware of, particularly tourist scam that prey on unsuspecting travellers. From overcharging at local markets to impersonating tour guides, it is critical to remain vigilant […]

There’s nothing like a good kopitiam for enjoying a cup of coffee or indulging in some tasty local delicacies. Jakarta is known for its vibrant food scene, and kopitiams are popular among both locals and tourists. From aromatic kopi to delectable kaya toast, these traditional coffee shops offer a unique blend of Malay and Chinese […]

Indonesia, the world’s largest archipelago, is a cultural and natural treasure trove. It’s no surprise that the country has several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, given its rich history and diverse landscapes. These sites, which range from ancient temples to breathtaking volcanoes and lush rainforests, provide a glimpse into Indonesia’s rich heritage and natural beauty. In […]

Jakarta appears to have no shortage of opportunities for art lovers to enjoy art in a variety of forms. If you enjoy digital art, this year’s Imagispace Jakarta may be an art exhibition you should not miss. This year’s Imagispace Jakarta, located on the third floor of Plaza Senayan and carrying the theme ‘Midsummer Night’s […]

Jakarta is a city where people of various backgrounds, ethnicities, and nationalities coexist to create a dynamic city life. This city has one location that is a melting pot of various scenes, including art, culinary, and nightlife. Blok M Jakarta, to be precise. Because it is located in Jakarta’s Golden Triangle and has multiple transportation […]

When deciding to settle in Indonesia, particularly in Jakarta, you will undoubtedly require a place to live to support your activities while in this bustling metropolis. That is why you must be familiar with the various types of property in Jakarta in order to determine which one is best for you. Property in Jakarta has […]

A city full of dynamics and possibly never sleeps, perhaps that can describe a metropolitan city that appears to be difficult to explore in 24 hours. Yes, we are discussing Jakarta. When you visit this city, also known as The Big Durian, you can participate in a variety of activities. From exploring history to living […]

Jakarta’s art scene has recently expanded in tandem with rising public interest in learning more about Indonesian art. This is demonstrated by the emergence of museums and art exhibitions in this city, whether permanent or temporary in nature. The Jakarta Art Hub is one of the art spaces contributing to the growth of Jakarta’s art […]

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