Viral: Foreigners Call IKN as Epicenter of Corruption and Nepotism


The construction of IKN, also known as the Ibukota Nusantara in Kalimantan, has stirred a heated debate. From the issue of unfinished construction to the construction of official houses costing billions, and not to mention the environmental concerns, the project has become a hotbed of controversy.

A foreigner has recently made waves on social media with a vlog video that boldly labels IKN as the ‘Capital of Corruption Nepotism ‘. His audacious statement has sparked a significant amount of discussion and debate.

In his vlog, the foreigner, known as Bule Lovers, provides a detailed account of the alleged location on the road leading to the Capital City of the Archipelago (IKN). He points out the ongoing construction and the lack of water, raising questions about the project’s progress.

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“Hello, Bule lovers. Here, I see the construction of the IKN Capital City of Corruption Nepotism. We see the construction here since there is no water here for bathing and, of course, for washing. So these pipes are imported from Jakarta and will be installed while pointing to the location,” he explained in his Tiktok account @bule_ngoceh.

He then pointed his cellphone camera at a construction site. The foreigner again said fields, hotels, and houses would be built later.

It is not yet known whether the location of the foreigner making the video content is really in the capital city of the archipelago (IKN) or elsewhere.

The video has sparked a significant debate among Indonesian netizens, with some supporting the foreigner’s statement and others questioning his intentions.

If you look at a number of videos on his TikTok, you will see the scathing satire of Jokowi’s government policies, ranging from IKN to Tapera.

Moreover, the foreigner actively engages with Indonesian issues on various social media platforms, including a Facebook account with thousands of followers under the name Maxi Andrea Mastrovalerio.

He previously went viral for feuding with Indonesian celebrity Nikita Mirzani. Interestingly, in the 2014 elections, he also went viral for supporting Prabowo Subianto.

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