“UnBalivable” Officially Launched as Bali Provincial Collective Brand


During the conclusion of the Intellectual Property (IP) Branding Project Bali in the Legian area of Badung, Bali, on Friday (19/4/2024), a book was presented to the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno, by Maya Catharina Bachner, the Director of the Program Performance and Budget Division at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

Minister Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno expressed his hopes that the outcomes of the IP Branding Project Bali would directly influence the enhancement of export value and the quality of products from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

“We anticipate a rise in value from participants in the creative economy, particularly in the spa and crafts sectors through this initiative, which entails collaboration between ministries/agencies and WIPO,” mentioned Minister Sandiaga Uno during the closing of the IP Branding Project Bali in Legian, Badung Regency, Bali, on Friday (19/04/2024).

He noted that the results of the project aimed at reinforcing intellectual property for stakeholders in tourism and the creative economy were directly handed over to the Bali Provincial Government, with expectations for it to create business and employment opportunities as Bali’s economy rebounds.

“Collectively, there is a desire for the continuation of this initiative, and thus, we will propose to WIPO to consider extending it to the following year, involving even more SMEs,” he added.

Sandiaga Uno in IP Branding Bali's UMKM UnBalivable
Source: kemenparekraf.go.id

Sandiaga Uno elaborated that, in conjunction with several other relevant agencies such as the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, efforts will persist in enhancing awareness about intellectual property rights, especially among SMEs.

“The main challenge for players in the creative industry who haven’t registered their intellectual property rights is the lack of awareness. We must continue to disseminate information and educate on this matter,” he emphasized.

At the project’s conclusion, a collective brand named UnBalivable was unveiled. Minister Sandiaga Uno highlighted that this collective brand symbolizes that the SME brands from Bali incorporated within it have undergone a verification process unique to Bali Province.

“I’ve observed that the products participating in this project already boast world-class quality. Some even integrate sustainability elements, eco-friendliness, and products rooted in unique ethnic characteristics,” Sandiaga Uno remarked.

Source: kemenparekraf.go.id

Previously, in May 2023, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy in collaboration with the Bali Provincial Government designated Bali as a pilot project for bolstering Intellectual Property (IP) among stakeholders in tourism and the creative economy, with WIPO overseeing the execution.

Over an 11-month period, WIPO provided various training sessions related to design, branding, packaging, commercialization, and collective or joint trademark registration for numerous players in tourism and the creative economy on the Island of Gods.



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