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The Golden Visa Policy is Expected to Benefit the National Economy Through Investment


The granting of the Golden Visa policy to qualified foreign nationals has begun. This policy seeks to strengthen the national economy by increasing investment in the country. Hopefully, opening this investment space will help the environment, culture, and religion, particularly in Bali.

According to Economic Observer Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Raka Suardana, SE., MM., granting a Golden Visa positively impacted the national economy, including Bali. “The initial goal was to provide opportunities for those with money to invest in Indonesia,” Prof. Raka explained on Saturday, the 9th of September, 2023. “This is so that foreign investors with business talent can stay and see opportunities,” he added.

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Prof. Raka continued, “If the Golden Visa implementation goes well, it will undoubtedly have a positive impact.” So long as the investment does not have a negative impact on the environment, culture, or religion. “For example, the digitization investment developed here is commendable. However, if the investment is to build a resort on land, that is not a good investment,” he went on to say.

This possibility, according to the National Education University (Undiknas Bali) Professor, could arise from the granting of this Golden Visa. As a result, he believes that people should pay close attention to the issuance of the Golden Visa.

Therefore, the granting of the Golden Visa must be carefully considered. Likewise, tourists or individuals who are granted this Golden Visa will not have a positive impact if they reside in unlicensed or tax-evading villas. This should be cautioned against because staying as a foreign national for 5-10 years in Indonesia may lead to not seeking residence that complies with the applicable laws, especially if the transactions or money spent within the country are minimal.

“In general, the Golden Visa policy concept is good because several countries have succeeded and a lot of investment has come in, but the investment should not harm the environment,” he concluded.

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