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Shocking Video of Man Caught in Intense Shooting Incident in East Jakarta


On 8th February 2024, around 2 PM, a shooting incident occurred in an office area in Jatinegara, East Jakarta. The suspect, Gathan Saleh Halibi, was apprehended by the East Jakarta Metro Police on 27th February 2024.

The victim, Mohammad Andika Mowardi, recounted the shooting incident. He encountered the suspect, Gathan, parked near his office while returning home to buy food. A confrontation ensued between the victim and the suspect. The shooting incident took place in an area not covered by CCTV cameras near the scene. Fortunately, the victim sustained only minor injuries as a result.



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The victim was unaware that the perpetrator had a gun and was taken aback when the perpetrator pointed it at his head. “We argued downstairs, and then he aimed the gun at my head. I stepped back, closed the door, and ran upstairs,” said Andika.

“Then, as I retreated, closed the door, and headed upstairs, he suddenly cocked his gun and aimed it at me. I narrowly dodged the bullet near my ear,” he added.

During the incident, the perpetrator fired three shots in total: two at the victim and one towards the road’s asphalt. The motive behind the shooting remains unknown. Commissioner Nicolas Ary Lilipaly, Chief of the East Jakarta Metro Police, stated that the team is conducting a thorough investigation into the case. The shooting incident resulted in the breaking of the glass window at a nearby shophouse.

It has been revealed that the victim and the perpetrator were friends for over a decade. There are suspicions that the perpetrator harboured a grudge against the victim, leading to the attempted murder.

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