Natalia is a Visual Design baccalaureate and a writing aficionado based in Jakarta, Indonesia. She has been a writer and editor in Social Expat since October 2022. An impulsive lover of knowledge, especially in art, literature, culture and health, insists on sharing her findings through words. Her comfort nestles around writing poems or short excerpts, but she has also developed experience in writing articles and journals.

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Your expat life may be pretty enjoyable for those who have chosen to reside in Bali, given that Bali offers a comprehensive experience. Despite being away from the hustle and bustle of the capital city, you’re still close to technology and essential amenities. However, we can all agree that the expatriate journey isn’t always sunshine […]

Lets Move Indonesia, a trusted name in immigration and business solutions for expatriates in Indonesia since 2016, has unveiled an exciting new service: Global Visas.  Designed to simplify the often complex process of obtaining international visas, Global Visas aims to be your one-stop shop for seamless global travel. Global Visas: Your Comprehensive Solution to Travel […]

Taking your life to a new country can offer an enriching experience. It’s a chance to meet new people, explore new places, and immerse yourself in a different culture, painting your world with vibrant new hues. Yet, life as an expatriate isn’t without its challenges. From acclimating to unfamiliar cuisines and customs to managing financial […]

Bali isn’t just about stunning beaches and majestic mountains; it holds a delightful surprise for wine enthusiasts. Bali offers a unique blend of natural beauty, vibrant nightlife, and delicious cuisine. Planning a winery tour with wine-tasting excursions can be a fantastic way to experience a different side of the island. While not traditionally known for […]

As the 10th World Water Forum (WWF) approaches, set to take place in Bali from May 18-25, 2024, the Ngurah Rai Immigration Office is implementing special measures to ensure a smooth arrival experience for delegates. To expedite immigration checks, the Ngurah Rai Immigration Office has set up three dedicated counters, each staffed by four immigration […]

For many of us expats living in Indonesia, the beauty of the beaches and lush landscapes can make it easy to forget the importance of water security. But with a growing population and the ever-present threat of climate change, water management is a critical issue not just here, but across the globe. That’s where the […]

In a significant move to enhance the immigration experience for foreign nationals, the Directorate General of Immigration (Ditjenim) of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights has introduced a new policy called the Bridging Visa. This visa serves as a crucial “bridge” for individuals holding residence permits that are due for renewal or seeking to […]

During the conclusion of the Intellectual Property (IP) Branding Project Bali in the Legian area of Badung, Bali, on Friday (19/4/2024), a book was presented to the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno, by Maya Catharina Bachner, the Director of the Program Performance and Budget Division at the World Intellectual Property Organization […]