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MRT Jakarta Halts Multi-Trip Cards Sales, Transitions to Exclusive Online Payments Starting 1 January 2024


Starting 1 January 2024, MRT Jakarta will discontinue the sale of multi-trip cards, as announced directly through the @mrtjkt Instagram account on 5 December 2023. Existing customers with a multi-trip card can continue using and topping it until 31 October 2024.

PT MRT Jakarta plans to transition to a sole online payment system effective 1 January 2024. The MRT will still facilitate top-up services through vending machines or counters available at each station. Customers seeking refunds for the balance on their multi-trip cards can also directly approach the nearest station’s counter.



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PT MRT Jakarta’s new policy has sparked considerable controversy. Numerous individuals express regret as the multi-trip card, known for its swiftness in accessing station gates, is being phased out—a system highly favoured by many.

In contrast, alternative payment methods like e-money cards or e-wallet payments are perceived to take more time than MRT Jakarta’s multi-trip cards. The people of Jakarta hold hope for improved responsiveness and speed in the gate system at each station, particularly in swiftly detecting codes on cards or QR codes. At present, MRT Jakarta offers various payment methods, including:

  • QR Ticket on MyMRTJ App
  • Brizzi by BRI Bank
  • E-money by Mandiri Bank
  • TapCash by BNI Bank
  • Flazz by BCA Bank
  • Commuter Card
  • Jakcard
  • JakLingo Card

The MRT represents a revolutionary transportation mode for Indonesia, particularly Jakarta, aimed at alleviating traffic congestion. The current operational line, phase one, commenced construction on 10 October 2013, spanning a length of 16 kilometres.

In early 2023, construction commenced for phase 2A of the Jakarta MRT, encompassing Thamrin and Monas Stations. As of 23 October 2023, progress has reached 64.31%, connecting from Bundaran HI Station and spanning a distance of 5.8 kilometres. Phase 2A focuses on a transit-oriented concept, optimizing various public transportation routes to enhance passenger comfort.

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