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Kuta Beach Bali Set to Be Sparkle with 2,024 Fireworks Show for New Year’s Eve

To mark the arrival of 2024, the Badung Regency Government is organizing a vibrant celebration at Kuta Beach Bali on 31 December 2023. The event will feature a spectacular display of 2,024 fireworks shoots lighting up the sky. 

Alongside this magnificent showcase, the government has lined up an exciting array of festivities, including performances by renowned Indonesian bands like Superman Is Dead (SID) and Padi Reborn. Additionally, art studio showcases and DJ performances will add to the lively atmosphere of the New Year’s celebrations.


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The New Year celebration will take place at the Tsunami Shelter (Baruna) in the Kuta Beach area of Bali, facing the seafront. This event, themed “From Kuta With Love,” will welcome everyone as it is open and free for the public. Scheduled from 3:45 PM to 1 AM local time, it promises a delightful experience.

Nyoman Rudiartha, the Head of Kuta Subdistrict, shared that this year’s New Year celebration in late December 2023 is quite similar to previous years’ events. However, he couldn’t provide a precise figure regarding the allocated budget. Previous records show that the Badung Regency Government allocated a budget of IDR 1.8 billion for this event in the previous year.

kuta beach bali
Source: The Bali Sun

To ensure a safe New Year’s celebration, Bali Police will enforce stringent security measures at various locations. Alongside this, the Badung police have conducted inspections at popular tourist spots planning fireworks events like Atlas Beach, Finns Beach Club, Cafe Delmar, and Potato Head.

AKBP Teguh Priyo Wasono, Chief of the Badung Police, emphasized the importance of optimal preparation by all management. This is essential to prevent any disturbances during the anticipated 2024 New Year festivities.

Anticipating a considerable influx of people to Kuta Beach in Bali for the New Year’s celebrations, authorities anticipate the arrival of numerous domestic and foreign tourists. This hopeful expectation aims to boost the economy of the Island of the Gods through increased tourism.

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