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Jakarta Celebrates Anniversary with Special MRT Rides for Only Rp 1!


Jakarta is gearing up for its annual birthday celebration, and this year, they’re offering a special treat for commuters – rides on the MRT for just Rp 1 (one rupiah)!

The promotion, aimed at encouraging public transportation use, will be available for a limited time only on Jakarta’s Anniversary Day from June 22 – 23, 2024. This implementation is effective from the operational schedule at 05.00 WIB until ending at 24.00 WIB. 


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Service users continue to make checks at the passenger gate both when entering and leaving. Rates apply to all types of payments such as MRT cards, bank electronic money cards, the JakLingko application, and purchases via the MRT-J application.

“As a form of appreciation for public transportation users in Jakarta and as part of MRT Jakarta’s participation in the celebration of DKI Jakarta’s 496th anniversary, we are implementing this special rates of IDR 1,” explained PT MRT Jakarta (Perseroda) Director of Operations and Maintenance Muhammad Effendi. Source by MRT Jakarta 

To avail of the Rp 1 fare, passengers can simply tap their MRT cards at the fare gates. However, it’s important to note that due to the anticipated surge in ridership, there might be longer waiting times at stations. Commuters are advised to plan their trips accordingly.

Jakarta’s MRT has become a vital part of the city’s transportation network, offering a clean and comfortable alternative to navigating Jakarta’s busy streets. This special anniversary promotion is a great opportunity for residents and visitors alike to experience the MRT and celebrate Jakarta’s birthday!

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