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Indonesia Witnesses Spike in COVID-19 Cases, Surge of 30-40 New Cases Within the Week


The Indonesian Ministry of Health observed a surge in COVID-19 cases during the early week of December 2023. Starting from 28 November to 2 December  2023, weekly cases rose from 30-40 to a current tally of 267 recorded patients.

This rise in COVID-19 cases is not exclusive to Indonesia but is also evident in various other Southeast Asian nations like Singapore, Malaysia, and Philippines. The Ministry of Health urges all Indonesians to exercise caution while travelling abroad, particularly to countries encountering a surge in COVID-19 cases.


“COVID-19 cases are on the rise due to the emergence and spread of new subvariants, namely EG.5 and EG.2, in several countries,” stated Siti Nadia Tarmizi, Head of the Communications and Public Services Bureau at the Ministry of Health (5/12/2023).

Below are the specifics outlining the recent surge in COVID-19 cases in Indonesia during October-December 2023:

  • 28 November – 2 December 2023: 267 cases
  • 20-26 November 2023: 151 cases
  • 13-19 November 2023: 141 cases
  • 6-12 November 2023: 96 cases
  • 30 October-5 November 2023: 90 cases
  • 23-29 October 2023: 64 cases
  • 16-22 October 2023: 67 cases
  • 9-15 October 2023: 51 cases
  • 2-8 October 2023: 65 cases

Get to Know The New Variant of COVID-19, Eris EG.5 and EG.2

covid-19 cases
Source: Indonesian Ministry of Health

Eris, a novel variant derived from Omicron, was first recorded by the WHO in early 2023 and identified in Indonesia in March of the same year. Collating information from various sources, here are some key insights about Eris EG.5 and EG.2:

  • The current surge in COVID-19 cases in Indonesia is believed to be linked to the swift transmission of the Eris variant. Symptoms tend to be mild compared to earlier variants, manifesting as fever, fatigue, cough, headache, and runny nose.
  • According to Yale Medicine, Eris EG.5 represents a new mutation with the potential to evade the immune system, even in vaccinated individuals. Scott Roberts, an infectious disease expert at Yale Medicine, highlighted the Eris variant’s capability to breach the human immune system.

To curb further virus transmission, the Ministry of Health consistently encourages the public, especially those who haven’t completed their COVID-19 vaccine regimen, to get booster shots.

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