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Husband of a Famous Cosplayer Karina Coser Died by Drowning in Bali

Tragic news has emerged regarding Karina Coser, a renowned cosplayer hailing from China, as she mourns the loss of her husband to a drowning incident at Bali’s Batu Belig Beach. This sorrowful event transpired during their holiday in Bali in early November 2023. 

On the fateful Tuesday of 7 November 2023, both Karina and her husband, Xiao Fong Johny, were caught by powerful waves while enjoying a swim at Batu Belig Beach. In the face of this dire situation, Karina managed to make it to the safety of the shore, but her husband, unfortunately, was carried away by the unforgiving ocean currents.

The very next day, on 8 November 2023, the husband’s lifeless body was located approximately 100 meters from the shoreline. At 08:50 AM local time, the Denpasar Search and Rescue (SAR) team recovered the body and promptly contacted Karina Coser for identification.

It was a particularly heart-wrenching day for Karina, as it happened to be her husband’s birthday. Images and videos shared across various social media platforms vividly depict Karina Coser’s profound grief and shock as she attempted to approach the ambulance transporting her late husband.


@cathychen95 Chinese #Internetcelebrity killed on his 34-year-old birthday 😭 Internet celebrity #Zhongni was killed in #Bali #fyp #foryou ♬ Suspense, horror, piano and music box – takaya

Based on the details provided by the police, Karina Coser was unaware that they were swimming in a restricted zone marked with red flags. Tragically, this led to the waves sweeping her husband away to the open sea, rendering any rescue attempts futile.

Xiao Fong Johny, who is also recognized as Zhong Ni, is a well-known Chinese blogger and director. At the age of 34, he and Karina Coser welcomed a child into their lives through their marriage. The loss of her husband on his birthday left a profound scar on Karina. Throughout their life together, the marital bond between her and her husband remained harmonious.

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