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Funny Moments of Foreigner Bringing Children to Taste Typical Indonesian Snacks


Indonesian food is famous for being delicious and diverse. One of them is batagor, which is a delightful cheap street food.

Apparently, the existence of batagor attracted the interest of a foreigner with his two small children. In a viral video piece circulating on Tiktok and Instagram, a foreigner was seen inviting his child to buy batagor.

This foreigner appears to be asking the seller about what batagor is and what it is made of. 

A funny moment arose when the seller, who could not speak English, was asked to explain what batagor was. 

The batagor seller also tried to explain this batagor snack to the foreigner. He also told the foreigner to taste it.

“Taste first (Rasa dulu),” said the seller while bringing one piece of batagor for the foreigner to try.

“Is it good (Enak?)?” the foreigner asked.

“Delicious! (Enak!)” replied the seller.

Batagor is a typical Bandung snack that is now known in almost all parts of Indonesia. This snack is characterized by crispy fried, chewy filling, and thick and savory peanut sauce, with chili sauce as a companion if you want a spicy taste.

This food attracts foreigners because of its distinctive Indonesian flavor. 

Although batagor originated from Indonesian culinary traditions, the making of this dish is also influenced by Chinese culture. 

In fact, the Chinese recipe called Yong Tau Foo consists of deep-fried meatballs and tofu with various ingredients such as tofu, stuffed tofu, and meatballs cooked and served with peanut sauce.

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