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Coldplay’s X The Ocean Cleanup Incredible Move: Donate Interceptor for Cisadane River in Indonesia


Following their triumphant concert in Jakarta on November 15, 2023, Coldplay’s momentum continues. Coldplay, in collaboration with The Ocean Cleanup, announced via Coldplay’s official Instagram fanbase account @idwantscoldplay that they’ve donated an interceptor—a vessel for cleaning trash—to the Cisadane River in Indonesia.


Named Neon Moon II, this interceptor will soon commence active operation. The Cisadane River courses through the western areas of Bogor to Tangerang and empties into Tanjung Burung.

The primary objective of The Ocean Cleanup is to halt the influx of plastic waste into the ocean, preventing pollution. Through the interceptor, they’ve managed to prevent over one million kilograms of waste from entering marine environments.

Since 2022, the Cisadane River has been grappling with severe plastic pollution stemming from industrial and household waste. According to recent data from the Cisadane River Waste Bank (Banksasuci), the amount of trapped waste has surged significantly, escalating from 2.4 tons in November 2021 to 3 tons by January 2022.

Coldplay’s Sustainability Movement

Conversely, this British band has shown significant concern about the frequent environmental issues emerging lately. Throughout their tour this year, Chris Martin and his team have implemented several key principles, including:

  • Reduce: They’ve cut down CO2 emissions by 50% compared to their previous concerts (2016-2017).
  • Reinvent: Their support for new environmentally friendly technologies has been steadfast.
  • Restore: They allocate tour funds to various environmental projects, ranging from tree planting initiatives to acquiring interceptors.
the ocean cleanup
Static Cycle | Source: Rick Scuteri/Invision/AP

A lesser-known fact is that Coldplay stands as a major contributor to the Rainforest Foundation and Global Citizen organizations. Their advocacy for environmental causes and reliance on renewable energy is notable.

During Coldplay’s recent concert in Jakarta, they utilized a kinetic dance floor and provided stationary bicycles to generate electricity throughout the live performance.

The shared vision and mission in environmental advocacy between Coldplay and The Ocean Cleanup marked their concert in Jakarta as a historic and unforgettable moment for Indonesia.

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