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Bali Police Ticket A Foreign Tourist for Helmet Offense Went Viral


An old incident has resurfaced on the internet involving a foreign tourist in Bali who was given a ticket by the police for not wearing a helmet while riding a motorbike. The video, uploaded by @idiots_inbali on 28th January 2024, has garnered over 417,000 views and sparked numerous comments.

In the video, the foreign tourist can be seen being stopped by Pecalang (local Balinese guards) and Bali police officers on duty. A portion of their conversation was recorded, where the tourist mentioned being new and unaware that wearing a helmet was required.



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In the video, the Pecalang appear angry and irritated with the behaviour of foreign tourists in Bali. The reason for the commotion is still unclear, but according to some claims, the foreign tourist nearly collided with a nearby car and then attempted to evade it, prompting the Pecalang and Bali Police to approach him. Such incidents are not uncommon in Bali. Every day, it’s common to see foreign tourists driving recklessly without wearing helmets on the streets of Bali.

Furthermore, there have been numerous instances of foreign tourists resisting when caught in raids conducted by the Bali police. In the video’s comments section, many netizens are calling for stricter driving regulations in Bali, given the rising number of foreign tourists visiting.

With the weak response from the Bali police and government to such incidents, cases of road accidents and various other criminal activities have also increased. The people of Bali are earnestly hoping that tourists who visit will also show respect for the rules and customs of the region.

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