5 Most Recommended Pubs and Bars in Seminyak


Seminyak is the place to go for a little flash and glam in the chic capital of South Bali, pubs and bars in Seminyak are one of the most attractive feature of this hearty area of Kuta regency, whether you’re a regular in Bali or just heard about the Island through the grapevine. This upscale and extremely popular area of Bali is bursting to the seams with chic cafés, trendy restaurants, and lots of spas to complete your lavish holiday, cool beach bars, fancy villas, and all the luxurious resorts. Today we would like to bring you the best recommendations for some of the hottest pubs and bars in Seminyak. Without further ado, here is our list of Seminyak’s top bars and pubs.

The Forge Bali

the forge bar in seminyak
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The Forge Bali is a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week restaurant and bar in Seminyak that revitalises the area’s dwindling pub scene by presenting a substantial menu of hearty Western cuisine with a broad selection of wines and various robust spirits. The Forge Bali always has a buzzing, lively environment with the motto “Food, Sports & Beers.” 

The first item on the list is breakfast, served every day from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. The bar bites and shared snacks also include delectable treats that you should take advantage of. This is the ideal food for a sporting event, ranging from the standard chicken wings and calamari to steamed clams, roasted bone marrow, wagyu beef tartare, and The Forge charcuterie board.

Moreover, who does not know The Forge renowned Wings Wednesday, where you only need to pay IDR 1,000 for delicious and fresh chicken wings? We believe that once you try their Wings Wednesday, you won’t hesitate to return every week for this regular promotion. 

The Corner House

the corner house bar in seminyak
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The Corner House is a laid-back restaurant with all of the edgy traits of a millennial pub, and it’s set to become your new favourite bar in Seminyak.

Every Instagram users has found their new safe place in The Corner House. This trendy restaurant hits all the right notes with its enormously large dining area decorated with weathered white tiles, rustic furniture, and a stunning old staircase. You’ve got to adore those staged “walking away” Instagram photos, which are prevalent here!

The Corner House offers various food, including authentic pizza, Mexican fiesta, and Asian cuisine. The pizza corner also has strong candidates, such as the garden-fresh vegetarian, the always popular BBQ chicken, and the scary (but delightful) flaming ring of fire.

The best part of The Corner House is their special deals for lunch and dinner; they have a specific set of menu items for your delightful lunch or dinner every day.

Kingsway Bali

kingsway bar in seminyak
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Kingsway Bali is a stylish and regal one-stop bar in Seminyak, Bali. A sumptuous new hotspot in Seminyak, Kingsway Bali is quickly becoming a favourite hangout place for affluent partygoers, cigar enthusiasts, foodies, and cocktail lovers.

By providing a dazzling array of excellent food, intriguing snacks, brimming platters, beverages, cigars, games, and entertainment in one setting, Kingsway Bali renders the idea of venue-hopping outmoded. This self-described “juke joint” opens for delicious food but takes off after dark.

Kingsway comes from the bar’s belief that every visitor deserves to be treated like a king. Upon arrival, guests are shown to their “thrones”, where they may enjoy a premium cigar, exquisite tapas, a delicious beverage, or a grand dining experience with live music. 

Motel Mexicola

motel mexicola
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The tropical haven for partygoers, Motel Mexicola, is located in Seminyak, Bali, perfectly among the coconut trees and sparkling waves. Put on your thinking cap and imagine the lovechild of 1960s Acapulco and Ricky Ricardo (from I Love Lucy) on a tummy full of Huichole-approved Peyote and seven lashings of Mezcal. Hopefully, you are not picturing a Miami hotel with an unlimited buffet! Please know that Motel Mexicola is not your typical motel, so good luck if you decide to stay the night.

Steven Skelly, a renowned Veracruzano Jarocho chef, infuses his espirítu salvaje directly into your plate, from contemporary twists on classic Mexican cuisine platters to modern attacks on simple yet delicious street food and snacks. Not to mention, Nicolaza Que Pasa knows just how much limon cabrone is and where to add the salt and tajin. Aguachile, quesadillas, tacos made properly, and other authentic antojitos (tapas) will be included on the menu. 

Additionally, Motel Mexicola will make all of the nachos and greyish burritos you have ever had resemble Hernán Cortés’ rotting corpse instead of a delicious meal you used to remember. After one taste of their mouth-watering cuisine, you’ll undoubtedly want to eat it off the ground! And don’t forget to dance till drop while you are there, because what is a summer holiday in Bali without dancing the night away, right?

The Goat Seminyak 

the goat
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The Goat, Seminyak’s sports bar, is located on Jalan Kayu Aya, the renowned Eat Street in Seminyak (right next to La Favela). This renowned bar in Seminyak is open daily from 9 a.m. to 4 a.m., a popular spot to watch sports and socialise.

AFL, NRL, Sky Racing, NFL, EPL, F1, golf, tennis, rugby union, UFC, boxing, surfing, tennis, T20 cricket, test cricket, one-day cricket, Women’s AFL, NBL, NBA, V8 Supercar, The Goat have it! All those matches are shown on the 19 screens spread across the two-level building. Visit their social media page to keep up with their daily sports programme. 

This bar offers all your favourite live sporting matches and fantastic bar food with massive serving portions. If you’re hungry, you may even take the risk of attempting to finish their enormous parma! Their bar menu is open until 11 p.m.; if you get hungry in the middle of the night, their Big Mouth Burgers are available from 5 p.m. to 4 a.m.

The Goat Bar in Seminyak serves premium cold beverages and takes pleasure in offering the coldest beers in Bali. You can anticipate live music and DJs in the evenings, all-day Bintang bucket promotions, a lot of dancing, and nonstop parties.

Have we mentioned your favourite bar? After reading our recommendation on the hottest bar in Seminyak that you have to visit, have you decided which one you want to go to tonight? Let us know in the comment section on our social media.

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