Stray Dogs in Bali

10 Million Reward Offered in Pursuit of Bali’s Stray Dog Abuser Caught on Viral Video

Another incident of cruelty towards stray dogs in Bali has surfaced, this time in the Jimbaran area. A CCTV footage video, shared by the animal advocate community account @bali_dog_guardians on 15 November 2023, revealed a man carrying an iron rod intending to strike a sleeping dog in a village vicinity.

Fortunately, this attempt was thwarted as the dog barked, prompting the homeowner to swiftly intervene. Upon the homeowner’s arrival, the perpetrator hastily fled the scene along with an accomplice waiting on a motorbike.



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This incident sparked widespread concern among people, fearing the possibility of similar occurrences in the future. The viral video garnered over 400,000 views from internet users.

In response to the outrage generated by this incident, @bali_dog_guardians and several other netizens organized a competition offering a total prize of 10 million rupiahs to anyone who could identify the man captured in the CCTV footage.

The video’s comment section was filled with numerous netizens condemning this incident. There’s no justification for acts of animal cruelty, especially considering the heartbreaking trend of stray dog torture cases in Bali in recent times.

Numerous Cases of Abusing Stray Dogs in Bali Throughout 2023

A video went viral on 5 January 2023, showing a motorbike dragging a dog in the South Kuta area. The individuals involved, Nyoman Nala and Wayan Dameana, were apprehended by local police. They claimed the dog was already deceased before they dragged it and intended to dispose of the carcass in a river due to its odor and bodily fluids.

Another distressing incident occurred in early July 2023 when a man poisoned stray dogs in Bali and stole dogs from homes. In a video shared by @bali_dog_guardians, two individuals were seen entering a resident’s yard in Denpasar. The homeowner promptly reported the incident to the police, but the identities of the suspects remain unknown.



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Sebuah kiriman dibagikan oleh @bali_dog_guardians

The abundance of stray dogs in Bali remains a serious issue being addressed by the government. This population has led to numerous social problems, including instances of rabies and animal mistreatment.

The hope is that Balinese authorities can address and take decisive action against those responsible for mistreating stray dogs in Bali.

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