Indonesia’s Second-Home Visa Emerges as the Ultimate Choice for Bali’s Digital Nomads


In an era where remote work and digital nomads are on the rise, Bali has become a magnet for those seeking a serene backdrop for their professional endeavours. As the island of paradise continues to attract  remote workers and expatriates, a game-changing visa option then initiated , positioning itself as the best choice for those looking to call Bali home – the Indonesia Second-Home Visa.

Digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and expatriates seeking to make Bali their base of operations are increasingly opting for the Indonesia Second-Home Visa, which offers massive  benefits that caterspecifically to their unique lifestyles.

What is the Indonesia Second Home Visa?

indonesia second home visa for digital nomads

The Indonesia Second Home Visa, often called the “Second Home Visa,” is a long-term visa designed to encourage expatriates and digital nomads to reside in Indonesia for extended periods. It is available in two schemes: a 5-year visa and a 10-year visa. This visa is also known for its flexibility and the privileges it offers its holders.

Why is it the Best Fit for Digital Nomads in Indonesia?

  1. Extended Stay: The Second Home Visa allows digital nomads to reside in Indonesia for up to 10 years , eliminating the hassle of frequent visa renewals that many expatriates face in other countries.
  2. Multi-Entry: With the Second Home Visa, individuals can leave and return to Indonesia as often as they wish during the visa’s validity, making it convenient for those who want to explore other countries while maintaining Bali as their home base.
  3. Tax-Free on Offshore Income: One of the most attractive features of this visa is that it is tax-free on offshore income, allowing digital nomads to keep more of their hard-earned money.
  4. Access to Resident Benefits: Holders of the Second Home Visa gain access to various privileges typically reserved for Indonesian residents. These include obtaining a local driving license, owning a vehicle, opening a bank account, and even participating in social security and retirement schemes.
  5. Ease of Obtaining: Compared to other long-term visa options in Indonesia, the Second Home Visa is relatively straightforward. The application process is designed to be user-friendly, and with the correct documentation, approval can be swift.

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Bali’s appeal as a digital nomads hub is undeniable, with its stunning landscapes, vibrant culture, and thriving community of remote workers. With the Indonesia Second Home Visa, Bali has positioned itself as an even more attractive destination for those seeking a long-term stay in this tropical paradise.

The visa’s unique features, including its duration, flexibility, and resident privileges, make it a clear choice for digital nomads and expatriates looking to settle in Bali. As the world continues to embrace remote work, Bali’s Second Home Visa has emerged as a golden ticket for those seeking a seamless transition to a life of work and play on the Island of the Gods.

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