How To Easily Buy a Shophouse with Investment Mortgage in Jakarta


Shophouses, also known as ruko in Indonesia, offer a unique opportunity for investors in Jakarta. They combine commercial and residential space, making them ideal for rental income or starting your own business. If you’re considering buying a shophouse with an investment mortgage, here’s a guide to simplify the process:

Understanding the Shophouse Concept

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The defining characteristic of a shophouse is its ability to serve two purposes. Typically, the ground floor features a shop or used for commercial purposes, ideal for businesses or retail stores. The upper floors are then dedicated to residential use, providing living quarters for the owner or tenants.

Shophouses are often built in rows with narrow frontages but extend deep into the lot. This maximizes space utilization, allowing for a shopfront while optimizing the residential area in the back.

Key Characteristics of Shophouses

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Low-Rise Buildings

Typically, shophouses are two to three storeys high. This characteristic type contributes to the overall density of urban areas and creates a sense of human scale in the streetscape.

For instance, A three-storey shophouse might have a shop on the ground floor, living space unit on the second floor, and a rooftop terrace on the third floor.

Internal Courtyards or Airwells

Shophouses often incorporate internal courtyards or airwells. These open spaces include to serve to bring natural light and ventilation into the interior of the building, especially for rooms that lack windows on the external walls.

Decorative Elements

Shophouses frequently incorporate a fusion of architectural styles, reflecting the cultural influences of the region. These elements add to the aesthetic appeal of the shophouses and contribute to the rich architectural heritage of market area.

Advantages of Shophouses

  • Multifunctionality: Shophouses can be used for a variety of significant businesses, such as shops, workshops, restaurants, offices, and clinics.
  • Strategic Location: Shophouses are generally located in busy and easily accessible and popular areas, increasing the chances of business success.
  • High Investment Value: Shophouse prices tend to be stable and continue to increase in the long term.
  • Passive Income Potential: Shophouses can be rented out to others, generating passive income for the owner.

Can You Apply Investment Mortgage for a Shophouse?

Basically, an investment mortgage works similarly to a regular mortgage. You apply for a loan from a bank to buy a property, and then repay the loan plus interest periodically.

Why an Investment Mortgage?

Traditional mortgages are designed for primary residences, where you plan to live. Shophouses, combining commercial and residential space, fall under a different category. An Investment Mortgage recognizes this dual purpose and caters specifically to properties intended for rental income or business use in the city.

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