Dr Steven Graaff, MD, MRCG, the founder of Good Practice Clinic is a graduate of the Vrije Universiteit  Amsterdam. He has worked in several hospitals, occupational health and general practice in the Netherlands and the UK. As a medical professional with international experience, Steven decided to start his own clinic –Good Practice, in Jakarta.  

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Living in a new country or a huge city like Jakarta can cause stress. It can make you feel anxious and sometimes it makes you feel low.  Depression is often accompanied by anxiety. A lot of people actually suffer from anxiety. Anxiety is a feeling of unease, such as worry or fear. It can be […]

You and your family might be in good health, but in general, everyone needs some medical input at some point in time.  I think it is essential that you at least identify and look for a clinic that you are comfortable with. Look for a group of medical professionals who you can turn to, with […]